Safety Is A Tradition


Accident prevention is the most important element of any construction project. The success of Chapman Corporation’s Zero-Injury Safety and Health Program depends upon the involvement of every single employee.

Our projects incorporate the Construction Industry Institute’s (CII) “Nine High Impact Zero Accident Techniques” as a basis for obtaining the goal of zero accidents. The company is responsible for employee compliance with all OSHA statutes through:

  • Safety Orientations and Training
  • Pre-Task Safety Planning
  • Employee Safety Handbooks
  • Monthly Safety Newsletters, Weekly Updates and Safety Alerts
  • Management & Craft Safety Meetings
  • Site Inspection & Safety Audits
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Safety Recognition Programs
  • Chapman Corporation has received numerous Corporate, Association and National awards for our safety performance. We have achieved low Experience Modification Rates through our commitment to safety. At Chapman Corporation, safety is a tradition.


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Chapman Corporation’s growth is the result of fulfilling the needs of clients by controlling costs and maintaining schedules in a safe, productive manner.

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